“The Importance of Slavonia in the German-Croatian Economic Relationship”, a speech at the business conference.

Gospodin dr. Domić održao je predavanje u okviru gospodarske konferencije organizirane od Njemačko-hrvatske industrijske i trgovinske komore.

Dr Domić held a speech during the conference organised by the German-Croatian Trade and Industry Chamber held in Osijek on 16 and 17 June 2015. In addition to the speeches given at the conference, a tour of the Meggle Hrvatska d.o.o. factory took place. The products and the production facilities were shown and the Managing Director Mr Marjan Vučak presented the company’s impressive development in Croatia. At the ensuing dinner, the participants were once again greeted by Mr Ivica Škojo, the Honorary Consul of Germany and founder of the Škojo Group (mlinar d.d. among others).

On the second day, individual speakers, such as Mr Zoran Kovačević, the President of the Osijek Chamber of Commerce and Mr Baron Adamovich, Chairman of the Board of the AHK Croatia emphasised the advantages of the Slavonian region for German investors. Dr Domić gave a presentation to the Slavonian companies explaining the legal and taxation aspects that new enterprises have to deal with in Germany. The event was completed by a top-level panel discussion by Dr Branimir Kampl (Sano d.o.o.), Zoran Uranjek (Harburg-Freudenberger Belišće d.o.o.), Graf Georg Eltz Vukovarski (Valamar Rivijera d.o.o.) und Vladimir Ham (Vice-Mayor of Osijek).

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