26.06.2015 - Predavanje na gospodarskoj konferenciji na temu

“The Importance of Slavonia in the German-Croatian Economic Relationship”, a speech at the business conference.

Gospodin dr. Domić održao je predavanje u okviru gospodarske konferencije organizirane od Njemačko-hrvatske industrijske i trgovinske komore.

29.01.2015 -

Croatian legislative authorities put a comprehensive package together to change the tax legislation as of January 1, 2015!

Croatian law makers attempt to boost consumer’s buying power and at the same time improve the conditions for entrepreneurs through several tax law changes.

15.09.2014 -

Changes to Tax Laws due to the so-called "Croatian Act"

On July 11 2014, the Bundesrat (German Federal Council) approved the act for the adjustment of the national taxation law to reflect the accession of Croatia to the EU and to amend other tax provisions.

13.06.2013 - The limited company as an alternative legal form for Croatian companies

eastlex - Legislation and Taxes in Central and Eastern Europe

This German language article’s theme is the advantages that the Societas Eurapaea (SE) legal form offers businesses.